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Kyle Williams

Hello, I'm Kyle. Pleased to meet you.

Venturing into Hong Kong's decentralised realm? Launching a dApp or pondering blockchain's place in your digital ecosystem? I've got over a decade of experience under my belt to guide and collaborate with you, ensuring your platforms harness the full potential of decentralisation.

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Collaborative Growth

Comprehensive Web3 Expertise

Shape your vision with me, evolving and learning at every step.

UI/UX Design for Web3

Craft user experiences fine-tuned for the decentralised landscape.

  • Decentralised Rival Analysis
  • Blockchain-Ready Blueprints
  • dApp User Paths
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Decentralised Testing
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Frontend for dApps

Ensure your dApp stands out using ReactJS, NextJS, and seamless blockchain integration.

  • Web3-Ready React
  • Boost with NextJS
  • Decentralised Interfaces
  • Optimal Performance
  • dApp SEO
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Web3 Consultation

Need direction in Web3? Navigate blockchain intricacies with me.

  • Blockchain Basics
  • Decentralised Strategy
  • dApp Challenges
  • Efficient Decentralised Ops
  • Enhancing dApp Visibility
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Recent Web3 Ventures

Transform ideas into Web3 platforms, connecting users with decentralized functionality.

Narwhal Finance

Perpetual Exchange

A fresh take on perpetual trading, uniting innovation with fluidity.

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Narwhal Finance



Pioneering the flatcoin domain, simplifying the digital currency exploration.

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Automated Wealth Management

Wealth management meets innovation with updated Dollar Cost Averaging approaches.

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10 DeFi Challenges to Adoption

People say DeFi is the future of finance. But, as with any industry, it faces hurdles on its path to widespread acceptance and adoption.

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Why Embrace Web3?

Web3 introduces a transformative era, promising data ownership and decentralised monetisation. Why should Web2 companies embrace the revolutionary shift?

Leading in frontend development, Kyle showcases mastery in Web3 technologies and a notable focus on dApp UI/UX.

Robin GuyardRobin GuyardCo-Founder, Archon

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Join me in shaping the future. Discuss your Web3 aspirations or seek guidance on your venture.

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