Hi, I'm Kyle

Front-End Developer.

My expertise is in leading teams to bridge UI/UX and Front-End Development in DeFi.

Portrait of Kyle Williams

Core Skills

Building Progressive UI/UX.

Make your dApp standout with my UI/UX and Front-End Development skills.

UI/UX Design

Working with design teams to ensure the UI/UX is consistent and engaging.

  • Expert in Design Systems
  • User Flows
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Figma

Front-End Development

Implementing re-usable, scalable and maintainable code to make stunning UI's.

  • React / NextJS
  • TypeScript
  • SCSS
  • Web3.js


Managing small to medium (3-8 people) design and development teams worldwide.

  • Leadership
  • Problem-Solving
  • Effective Communication
  • Teamwork


Recent Work

Transforming visions into user-friendly designs and building scalable UI's.

Archon Finance

Crypto Bridge

Researched competitor bridges and simplified the UX for all Crypto users. Designed the UI in Figma and built functionality using React, NextJS, TypeScript and SCSS. Implemented wallet connection and network check.

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Archon Bridge


Custom Options Builder

Led front-end development of UI and component library. Focused on creating a system for design team and stakeholders to easily see progress. Delivered UI and component library in 6 weeks.

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Narwhal Finance

Perpetual Exchange

Led a design team to create user personas, user flows, competitor analysis and UI designs in Figma. Managed a front-end team to build clean and scalable React components. Hands on with design, development and team management. Delivered an MVP in 3 months.

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Narwhal Finance

Kyle is an exceptional front-end lead. He can manage both developers and designers to deliver dApps with great UI/UX. He always ensures and cares about the quality of his work and the people he manages. Kyle has a good understanding of Web3 technologies which allows him to build innovative dApps. I would highly recommend Kyle for leading the conception & development of DeFi dApps. Looking forward to continuing working together.

Robin GuyardRobin GuyardCo-Founder, Archon